On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 5:57 PM, Jose Antonio Senna
<jasse...@vivointernetdiscada.com.br> wrote:
>   I just accessed the freedos.org page, and it seems OK.
>      However, the links that point to Sourceforge
>  return the message:
>   "We're sorry -- the Sourceforge site is currently in
>    Disaster Recovery mode, and currently requires
>    the use of javascript to function.
>    Please check back later."
>     I got this using Firefox 2.0 / Win 98,
>   with javascript enabled.

Works fine here in a current Firefox.

FF 2.0 is ancient, and I'm unsurprised at problems.  There have been
major architectural changes, particularly between FF 2.X and FF 3,
including changes in the JavaScript engine implemented in the Gecko
rendering engine.

If you are still running Win98, you might want to play with KernelEx.
It's an open source package that adds enough of the Win32 API to allow
various older 32 bit Windows apps to run.  It hasn't been maintained
in a while, but what's there works.   The last maintenance release
from 2011 advertised the ability to run FF 8.0.  (A contact on another
list uses it, and runs Opera 11 on Win98 when he wants to browse the

KernelEx is at http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/.  You might try
installing it, and a later Firefox, and seeing if you still encounter
the problems.

>    JAS

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