Hi Salih!

Do you boot virtualbox with PXE and MEMDISK? Or do you configure
virtualbox to use the img file as "normal floppy drive A: content"?

As mentioned earlier using, PXE and MEMDISK can have side effects,
for example less RAM free for HIMEM and EMM386. Also, try if things
work better without EMM386. You can use F8 during boot to skip some
config items once, without having to make a new img file. This can
help with testing...

Another idea is to install MEM on your img! Then you can use MEM
with different options to learn more about your available memory.
You can see differences which explain why KEYB fails to load.


> We run virtualbox in another windows machine to test if the
> img file is working or not. Keyb.exe is actually loaded without
> generating any errors on both
> physical machine and virtualbox enviroment.
> On physical machine any of keyboard layouts not work.
> In Virtualbox every keyboard layout is working.
> We think real machine memory side has a problem with loading keyb.exe.

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