dmccunney composed on 2017-04-25 08:53 (UTC-0400):

> Felix Miata composed on 2017-04-24 23:07 (UTC-0400):
>> I was never able to figure out how to make any of
>> the non-OS/2 DOS emulators do SVGA text modes, required to produce the 132
>> column text modes that make QPro so valuable to me.

> the few holdouts running DOS apps don't need OS/2 to do it.

How do you reconcile what I wrote, which you failed to quote in response to my
post, with what you wrote? How do you get *any* DOS emulator besides OS/2 to run
the proprietary native SVGA text modes required to run QPro at 132 columns, like
I do 24/7 with eCS?
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