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Hello Wolfgang, also you can use gparted live: to create a
partition before FreeDos 1.2
can be installed. Best in a clean virtualized partition :). KolibriOS works
great. It will be also great if FreeDos and KolibriOS could share space. :)

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 On Dec 27, 2016, at
 8:00 AM, Wolfgang ANdreas Heisele <>



 I am new to freedos and got to this mailing list
 through this youtube



 Where I wrote the follwing question:


 Nice video.
  I got
 that far, but I was really looking into whether one could
 use freedos to format a harddisc and put freedos and kolibri
 os alongside. Got into some problems with the last part.
 First download is 7z
 format so I got to download and install 7zip but it
 complained about wrong format.

 There is also a version of 7zip on
 the FreeDOS 1.2 Release. It is not on the LITE version and
 is not installed automatically with either LITE/FULL package
 set. However you can easily install it using
 Than I
 realized that freedos as dos only supports 32bit fat not
 vfat which would be needed to put the kolibrios folder on
 and to boot the kolibrios.img. Is there a disc formating
 tool for freedos which supports making partitions with that
 kind of format and would it than be possible to copy over
 the kolibrios folder?

 There are a couple of partition
 utilities. And a version of good old fdisk is provided. It
 can create partitions for FreeDOS larger than
 goal would be to make a how to get freedos onto a blank
 system format and install it download latest kolibri os
 version and get it to boot from the harddisc (not from the
 disc image) and use a partition with the rest off the
 kolibri os applications on it.N++


 I am active on a small
 assembler written os. It is not a final product and
 therefore has no installer yet. One can use the disc image
 to boot from or (the better option) make a bootable
 partition and put the kolibrios.img and the extra
 applications into a kolibrios folder. Over the years this
 was the main thing newbies complained about. That is why I
 am searching for a way to to use some third party software
 to make a easier howto.

 Sounds like a good idea. In my
 opinion, many new users just give up and move on when they
 run into issues.
 I got to
 the point where I can run freedos and than encountered the
 problem that I could not unzip the latest kolibri os 7z file
 with the needed files. I than realized that dos does not
 support the bigger partition size than 2000 MBs and the
 greater letter count than 8.3.

 FreeDOS does support larger
 partition sizes. However, the if the FreeDOS installer needs
 to partition the drive and can do it safely without user
 interaction, it auto-partitions the drive using fdisk. When
 fdisk automatically partitions, it just creates 2GB
 partitions. Probably for backwards
 also has a couple packages that provided Long File Name
 support. DOSLFN and LFNDOS.-a
 Is there
 a way to partition a second hdd partition like e.g. windows
 xp would do (vfat) from within freedos and get the files
 from the 7zip onto that. Booting the kolibrios.img should be
 possible with syslinux memdisk or the dos bootloader from
 kolibri os.


 Anyway, great work you did on freedos! Getting it up
 and running with network support in virtualbox was

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