From: Kai Schaetzl <>

Eric Auer wrote on Sun, 14 Aug 2016 17:50:31 +0200:

Hi Eric,

thanks for the quick reply. In the meantime I found out that I can load a
German layout with just "keyb gr", just not the layout file itself or the
/E switch that is mentioned in that article. I assume the gr.kl is
embedded in the keyboard.sys file.
That's good enough for me. I don't need the Euro sign. I use FreeDOS
mainly on a USB stick for flashing bios and controller cards on rack
machines and my own workstations. And it drives me crazy if I have to
input some special characters like - _ / which commonly occur. Each time I
have to go by trial and error. And it seems you cannot type a ~ (tilde) at
all on a German keyboard under an en-us layout.
Now I can :-)
There is one thing still with keyb, though, that makes me wonder.
Shouldn't I be able to run it from autoexec.bat? I added "keyb gr" to it,
but it isn't executed (or it doesn't work at this stage). I have to run it
manually at the prompt. I'm also running in autoexec.bat, right
before that. I don't know what that does. I just have it in there and
don't know if I added it some time ago or if it came with the first
FreeDOS configuration. Should I remove it?

> The KEYB layouts can be found here:

That's the point where the circle starts (and ends). There are no plain
keyboard layout files (.kl) in there, only the .key files. But these need
kc for compiling to a .kl file. And there's nowhere you can get kc from.
I don't need it now anymore it seems. But still wondering if it's really
not available from anywhere.

> Viel Spass!

Gleichfalls, von Berlin nach Berlin :-)


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