I have a dedicated PC with FD 1.1 installed on it.I would like to upgrade this PC to FD 1.2 without losing any existing folders or root Dir files (start-ups, etc…)

Though, I've spent several hours looking on how to do this, I've yet to find anything…

I'm currently primarily a Windows user, though I started using PCs with MS-DOS many years ago (first OS was MS-DOS version 3.2!). I finally gave-in to using Win (very reluctantly) way back in 1995.

Can anyone advise an aged ex-DOS-user?

BTW, my old 1.1 installation works fine, I mostly only use it for running old MS-DOS games. 1.1 has run most all my old stuff surprisingly well. The few that didn't run, I don't know if it is because of a graphics issue (most likely) or a 1.1 issue. I didn't know if the 1.2 upgrade would fix some of these issues. I know it would be easier to just forego any kind of upgrade, but...

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