Yes, it would only upgrade the kernel and the console.
DOS and FreeDOS are customizable enough as to allow for upgrading only the 
programs, drivers and other components individually as they are needed.
I always replace individual components instead of updating the whole set of 
binaries. Actually, I frequently use the versions of the binaries I want, 
packed in subdirectories as applications made from many different executables.
Using the formal distribution to update fully can be a standard procedure, but 
now it's the choice of the user to upgrade fully or just upgrade the desired 


     On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 6:13 PM, Jerome Shidel <> 

 Just replacing the COMMAND and SYS files won’t really give you 1.2. It 
wouldjust be 1.1 an upgraded kernel. Take a look at the software comparison 
charton the official FreeDOS software repository.
It shows what is included in 1.0, 1,1 and the 1.2 variations. Also, it shows 
theversions that are on the repo. 
Since you probably don’t have a supported NIC in the dedicated machine,you may 
even consider installing 1.2 via the repo CD. The CD image is built 
automatically daily, when a package is updated on the repo.
The FreeDOS 1.2 installer will backup your config files. Also, if the new 
system directory (C:\FDOS), already exists, it will also backup and replace it. 
So, make sure you have plenty of free disk space.
However, that assume everything works as designed and nothing goes wrong. I 
highly recommend you create your own backup of anything important.
The first step in that process would be to make a known good bootable 
backup.Format a floppy and preform a sys transfer to that diskette. That way 
you caneasily boot that floppy and restore your kernel. I would also copy your 
currentautoexec.bat and config.sys to a directory on the floppy along with any 
driversyou may require.
Also, please be sure you have good backups for any games you have. I 
wouldn’texpect any serious problems. But, you never know. On top of that, a 
hard drivecan go bad or even completely fail without warning. 

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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
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