Hi All,

Just to update,

Karo doesn't have support 2.6.35 Linux Kernel

However I observed that even w.r.t u-boot, tx53 based board returns zero as GPU ID and QSRB board returns proper GPU ID


On Friday 24 November 2017 10:43 AM, abhijit wrote:
Hi all,

@Wladimir, Thank you very much for you kind response.

I am planning to boot older version of linux kernel(2.6) on Karo board and use reverse engineering tools to get any GPU related settings.

Please let me know what are the important settings I have to look into, that may be useful to address the issue of GPU chip ID becoming zero.


On Thursday 16 November 2017 03:42 PM, Wladimir J. van der Laan wrote:
Hello abhijit,

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 01:02:21PM +0530, abhijit wrote:
Hi Wladimir,

Thank you very much for you response.

I am using the kernel which is provided by you and I was able to
successfully get the GPU driver on to imx53 based QSRB board.

I am using the same kernel for imx53 based tx53 board from karo, but I am
having issue with getting GPU ID

Interestingly imx53.dtsi is common for both imx53-tx53-x13x.dts and

imx53.dtsi contains DTS entries for GPU and clocks.

I verified that clock values are same for both qsrb and tx53. Only thing I have to verify is if GPU completely powered on. Can you please let me know
how to ensure this?

Unfortunately I don't know, I've never been involved in that side of board
bringup, I just write (mostly user space) graphics drivers.


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