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Ludwig Krispenz <lkris...@redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi Simo,
> one thing is not quite clear to me: do you want a domain level per 
> feature or a global domain level or both ?

The Domain Level is global.
I described a "Feature Version" that is published by feature.
The Feature Versions just state what is available they do not determine
what is the current overall Domain Level.

> For a single feature (eg topology management) it could be required
> that it is available on all servers, so it will be active only if
> it's domain level is set. But there could be another feature,
> independent of this one, it also could require to be installed on all
> servers, and wait until it's domain level is set.
> If we would only one domainlevel this would mean that all features
> need to be at a specific level until any of tehm could be enabled

We need to keep it simple. We can't have multiple domain levels or it
will quickly become a mess (test matrix will also explode).


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