I've updated Feature template to make sure that important the design decisions
are recorded somewhere.

Of course all this is open for discussion. I did this soon because I believe
that it is better to actually see how it looks like instead of discussing
vaporware. Wiki has revert button if necessary, feel free to use it.

New texts:

I also did one unrelated change:
Now "Feature Management" chapter precedes "Design" chapter with all the gory
details. This should make the page more useful for random users who find it
using a search engine.

1. Consider usability *very* early in the design process.
2. Think about LDAP schema support for UI workflows very early.

DNS locations proved that UI is a nightmare which is better to think about in
the very beginning, even before thinking about LDAP schema.

I hope it will help in long term.

Petr^2 Spacek

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