URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/317
Title: #317: Unify password generation across FreeIPA

mbasti-rh commented:
@tiran @simo5 If you read my comments properly I was happy with removing sha1() 
and I pointed out that ipa_generate_password() must generate entropy 160bits as 
was probably originally aimed by using sha1()

@simo5 I'm fine with removing space then

@simo5 Standa found out that when FIPS is enabled NSS is not willing to accept 
some password, it requires some special chars AFAIK @stlaz knows details

@tiran I'm afraid we need to keep special chracters there as I mentioned above ^

@tiran thank you for nice code snippet

@tiran AFAIK you misunderstood my comment, I wanted to "replace sha1 with 
something sane" or I don't understand what is wrong with my comment.

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