URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/494
Title: #494: Support client-only build

lslebodn commented:
On (22/02/17 03:24), Christian Heimes wrote:
>python-requests is a bad example because it suffers from the same issue as IPA.
>A better example is any other modern Python project like cryptography. It runs 
>tests with installed files, not in-tree files.

I check few other quite new projects which were written by RH python guys.


They run unit tests as part of build process and unit tests are not installed.
But maybe I was not just lucky enough to find modern Python project.

Anyway `ipatests` are installed by default with freeipa.
If you want to use non-defalt option for client-only build
then it is possible to install `ipatests` as well.

Thank you for your comments.



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