URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/494
Title: #494: Support client-only build

lslebodn commented:
On (22/02/17 01:52), Tomas Krizek wrote:
>@lslebodn My bad, there was some leftover stuff that `git clean -dfx` didn't 
>clear for some reason.
>Nevertheless, this does work and allows a client only, as well as installing 
>tests with `--with-tests` option. The mock build when run with 
>`--without=server` does install less dependencies.
>But I'm not acking, because of the controversy with the `--with-tests` option 
>(see #364). 

@tomaskrizek FYI `rpmbuild` accepts also parameter `--without server` but it is
not simple to pass it through `make rpms` and it would not check minimal
dependencies in spec file.



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