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Title: #494: Support client-only build

lslebodn commented:
On (22/02/17 02:09), Christian Heimes wrote:
>There are two reasons we decided on ```--without-ipatests```:
>* ```--with-tests``` / ```--without-tests``` is technically not correct. We 
>still compile C tests. The flag is about the component ```ipatests```, so 
>let's call it ```--without-ipatests```.
>* ```--with-ipatests``` / ```--without-ipatests``` is only relevant for 
>downstream packaging to make the life of a packager a bit easier. FreeIPA is 
>an upstream first project. The default settings for configure should be 
>convenient and user-friendly for upstream developers and users.

`without-tests` was changed to `without-ipatests`

freeip-4.4 has a weird build system and all downstream packages
had to do many tricks/workaround to install it an package.
The intention of build-refactoring was to make packaging
as simple as possible.

The purpose of client only build
Is to allow package just client parts on distriutions which
does not have systemd or they do not want to depend on systemd.
Because ipa-client install just configure sssd, certmonger
which still can be compiled without systemd support.

So the `--disable-server` must disable all parts which requires
anything with server dependencies. Therefore it disable js-lint,
pylint and installation of ipatest. There is a still possiblility
to enable them with client-only build.
e.g. `./configure --disable-server --with-ipatests --enable-pylint`

>The final decision has been made.

The decission was made that there will be `--without-ipatests` for tox
use-case. Becasue tox use-case is not a client only build. Therefore
explicit enabling `ipatests` is required for tox use-case.



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