On (03/03/17 17:07), Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>This is a small continuation fo discussin from pull request
>"Make pylint and jsl optional" #502[1]
>Pylint and jslint are already optional because some downstream distributions
>does not have such packages. This is a reason why desing document[2]
>mention configuration options for disabling them.
>   --disable-pylint --without-jslint
>Previusly (4.4) "pylint was executed" before building rpm packages.
>This strict requirement was changed because "make lint" is executed
>with each pull request in travis.
>It was changed in commits
>* 5c18feaa206bbaee692fc3640b7b79c8d9d6a638 CONFIGURE: Fix detection of pylint
>* 3f91469f327d8d9f3b27e0b67c54a4f47ad845c1 CONFIGURE: Update help message for 
>* b82d285a4a75e11cc9291ecca12d2fcc26f43ed1 SPEC: Fix build in mock
>The main intention of PR#502 [1] is to make it even more optional
>and do not fail if pylint is not installed on machine.
>In another words, changing default value from "yes" to "autodetect".
>I think the main reason is that it is not obvious that it is an optional
>dependency if you run just "./configure". But that can be improved with
>better error message. @see attachments.
And with missing attachment :-)

diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 31bfa8aaf..fee39fe4f 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -384,7 +384,10 @@ if test x$PYLINT != xno; then
     AC_MSG_CHECKING([for Pylint])
     $PYTHON -m pylint --version > /dev/null
     if test "$?" != "0"; then
-        AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find pylint for $PYTHON])
+        AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find pylint for $PYTHON
+This feature is optional and aimed for checking issues in python code.
+You can skip this check wich configure time option --disable-pylint.
+        ])
@@ -402,7 +405,10 @@ dnl --without-jslint will set JSLINT=no
         [AC_PATH_PROG([JSLINT], [jsl])]
 if test "x${JSLINT}" == "x"; then
-       AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find JS lint])
+    AC_MSG_ERROR([cannot find JS lint
+This feature is optional and aimed for web ui developers.
+You can skip this check wich configure time option --without-jslint
+    ])
 AM_CONDITIONAL([WITH_JSLINT], [test "x${JSLINT}" != "xno"])
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