On (06/03/17 14:36), Tomas Krizek wrote:
>> I am sorry but I still did not get your point. Could you a little bit
>> ellaborate?
>In this case - build won't fail when you don't have the dependencies for
But it will be *easier* to develop on other distributions if they run
"make lint". Therefore default should be yes.

And it there is a super-hero developers who wrote perfect code
and does not need run make lint then he/she can run
./configure --disable-pylint to skip check for installed pylint.

It would be clear enough after improving error message for missing pylint.

>> B) it is not just an optional dependency. I tried to explain in 1st mail
>> that it should be a recomended dependency.
>I agree it's recommended.
But would not be with current version of PR#502.

>> C) Could you explain how it will be easier to develop on debian/other
>> distribution if upstream does not recommend to run "make lint".
>It probably doesn't make it easier to develop for other distributions.
>But it may be easier for a new upstream contributor, when building the
>project doesn't require any extra dependencies.
The simplest way for new developers is to follow BUILD.txt. (use fedora :-)
And instructions there recommend to install all dependencies including pylint.
So they(new upstream contributors) would not be affected by missing pylint.
But people who would like to port freeipa on other distributions would be
affected by changing default from yes -> autodetect.


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