James Roman wrote:
I have a single account that keeps getting disabled by the memberOf Plugin, even though it is disabled.

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Am I missing something? What do I need to do to get the MemeberOf plugin from stepping on our changes? We have FreeIPA 1.2.2 and 389-DS 1.2.5 on FC11.

I don't think you want to disable memberof, it will probably break other stuff. I'm guessing you did this to see what would happen. Did you restart the DS after disabling it? I believe that is required.

How are you unlocking the user, using the ipa-lockuser tool?

I should note that a user doesn't need to be in cn=activated to be unlocked, they just need to not be in cn=inactivated. The cn=activated is there so you can disable a group (which will in turn inactivate all members of that group) and then go back and set some group members to be re-activated.


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