Well, the current 389 memberOf is a bit more advanced than the ipa-memberOf. We did the initial development of the plugin, then it got moved into mainline 389-ds. The ipa plugin should work fine though, I don't know of any reason to switch.

Any idea why both are being executed? Even when the MemberOf Plugin is disabled?

# ipa-memberof, plugins, config
dn: cn=ipa-memberof,cn=plugins,cn=config
nsslapd-pluginEnabled: on

# MemberOf Plugin, plugins, config
dn: cn=MemberOf Plugin,cn=plugins,cn=config
nsslapd-pluginEnabled: off

Is it possible that the DS upgrade steps on the ipa-memberof libraries in some way, causing both to be executed? I would imagine that having two plugins making the same update to the directory could be problematic. Maybe its the way the audit logging is occurring.

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