> I hear the lack of resources as well. It makes complete sense that the
> resources that we have are allocated into making the most important
> part of the package (the "I") work right. I can do the "P" and the "A"
> right now separately.
> Perhaps it makes sense to use rsyslog/rsyslogd for the logging, along
> with some tools like CFt/Func for the "P" and "A" (you know, the
> fantastic Red Hat ET suite +rsyslog) to start with.

The only sub project that is left out of our "A" effort is ELAPI

But it is a bit in flux. It is designed up to some point but desperately
needs a month of head down work to get it to the point when the loose
ends scattered around start to make sense.
I just do not have time to work on it at all. And it would be nightmare
for someone to try to untangle my incomplete ideas himself.
I would love someone to eventually take it over because I as a manager
should not be the core contributor to a project. This does not scale.
I think rsyslog is good but not good enough and eventually log
collection should be brought up to the next level.

> Would it be of interest to the group for me to do a little leg work on
> a proposal for gathering all these tools together in a cohesive suite?
> I still owe some documentation work on v2, but I've been busy with the
> "project that just wont die".

Please write your ideas. It is always beneficial to evaluate options
come up with a plan.

> Thanks for your response and your hard work.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Engineering Manager IPA project,
Red Hat Inc.

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