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> And this request came from newserver? I don't see where we would query
> namingContexts with this search base. Seems strange that something knew
> about the new basedn though.

aye - and I can say that the only thing pointing at oldserver that would
even think of asking about a "brian.internal" would be this particular query
- which happens at exactly the time the entry on the oldserver that
references that search base.

> Well, we want flexibility for sure, what you're asking for isn't
> unreasonable. Have you run the migration script and it failed or are you
> just worried that it isn't going to do the right thing?

aye, I get the old:

# ipa migrate-ds ldap://oldserver.briandomain.com
Enter password again to verify:
ipa: ERROR: no such entry

Which is to say, it found nothing to import (right?  isn't that what the
error means?).  "oldserver" is a default 389-ds server (which as you might
recall is 1.2.6-0.1.a1, but I don't want to upgrade that without getting the
data off first).  While I created all sorts of funny things elsewhere in the
tree, the normal users and groups are all in the normal places.

I tried adding a little debug line in ipalib/migrate.py ahead of the only
place I saw namingcontexts mentioned, but...even though I raised an
exception, nothing changed (so I guess migrate_ds.execute doesn't get run
until...err...execute.  So where is the search base found?).  I'm digging
around, but that's the only place I find /namingcontext/i in the python
libs, at least, and nothing jumped out at me in strace (though stuff did
scroll past my 2k lines buffer...)

Thanks again,
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