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    And this request came from newserver? I don't see where we would
    query namingContexts with this search base. Seems strange that
    something knew about the new basedn though.

aye - and I can say that the only thing pointing at oldserver that would
even think of asking about a "brian.internal" would be this particular
query - which happens at exactly the time the entry on the oldserver
that references that search base.

Ok, it was the camel case that was throwing me.

It looks like we have a bug when setting an empty base_dn. We try to set it blank but it ends up getting set to the IPA base.

    Well, we want flexibility for sure, what you're asking for isn't
    unreasonable. Have you run the migration script and it failed or are
    you just worried that it isn't going to do the right thing?

aye, I get the old:

# ipa migrate-ds ldap://
Enter password again to verify:
ipa: ERROR: no such entry

Which is to say, it found nothing to import (right?  isn't that what the
error means?). "oldserver" is a default 389-ds server (which as you
might recall is 1.2.6-0.1.a1, but I don't want to upgrade that without
getting the data off first).  While I created all sorts of funny things
elsewhere in the tree, the normal users and groups are all in the normal

I tried adding a little debug line in ipalib/ ahead of the
only place I saw namingcontexts mentioned, but...even though I raised an
exception, nothing changed (so I guess migrate_ds.execute doesn't get
run until...err...execute.  So where is the search base found?).  I'm
digging around, but that's the only place I find /namingcontext/i in the
python libs, at least, and nothing jumped out at me in strace (though
stuff did scroll past my 2k lines buffer...)

I think what it's failing to find is the ipaconfig entry. Look in your access log for a query for cn=ipaconfig.

I've created a ticket to track this work,

Are you working from IPA v2 pre4 or did you build the source yourself from git?

This might take me a couple of days to hammer out.



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