Brian LaMere wrote:
    It looks like we have a bug when setting an empty base_dn. We try to
    set it blank but it ends up getting set to the IPA base.

so if I just change base_dn from '' to 'dc=briandomain,dc=com' then my
selfish desire to complete the migration might complete?  ; )

Maybe. I don't think the cn=ipaconfig stuff was added in until after pre4.

I don't think this represents a tremendous amount of work on my end, just need to find time for it...

    Are you working from IPA v2 pre4 or did you build the source
    yourself from git?

pre4, though I made 2 slight mods...1 each in and (for 2 different show-stopping bugs which have already
been patched in git).  I can change to the git version if you would prefer.

I'll catch up with the bug tracker you've created.

You're probably fine with pre4 but merging in my change might be tricky, that's all.


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