Roland Kaeser wrote:

Will there be an update to the ipa-client package in RHEL 6.0, or do we have to 
wait for RHEL 6.1?

The next update will be in 6.1. I can probably cobble together a srpm that would work on 6.0 until 6.1 is released if you'd like.

So which is the software stack to use for my pilot and the later production 
I wouldn't like to use Fedora in company production environments. I would be 
really prefer to use RHEL6/6.1
I also checked the latest avialable fedora 15 version. I only can find a alpha 
version iso from february, 28.

I would really like to have a software stack which works with freeipa 
(client/server) and afs-server.

Yeah, this is a bit of a grey area right now. IPA does a lot of cat herding and keeping all the various versions of the packages we require in sync is very tedious.

For a pilot I think you'd be fine using Fedora 14 though I would recommend doing some amount of re-testing in F-15 once it is released. We've done 80% of our development in F-14 and it works very well. The dogtag project built F-14 packages for us as a favor. They don't want to support deployments of it because they've done zero testing of their own on F-14. You'd need to build the packages yourself though, we haven't pushed this to F-14 because of the dogtag issue. mock should be able to build it fairly painlessly.

What I've done for my F-15 installations is to install F-14 and then upgrade to Fedora-15 from there. It has been fairly painless. The GA IPA release is in the stable repo of F-15 now.



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In rc2 we had to make a change to the OID used for some operations
because they were duplicated. The OID for the ipa-getkeytab operation was one 
of them, so older
clients don't work with newer servers. IIRC the EL6 ipa-client was based on the 
alpha 3 release.

I attached a patch that gives the general idea of what needs to change.
It was originally for the EL 5 branch but it may work with few changes
in EL6.

Will there be an update to the ipa-client package in RHEL 6.0, or do we have to 
wait for RHEL 6.1?


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