Ian Levesque wrote:

On Dec 15, 2011, at 3:46 AM, Adam Young wrote:

I'm running version 2.0.0-23 under Scientific 6.1. I've noticed that users in the "User 
Administrator" role,  don't have access via the web UI to actually manage groups. The only link under 
"Identity" is "Users". CLI management works as expected. Is this a known bug with the 
relatively old version of FreeIPA I'm running?

$ ipa role-show "User Administrator"
   Role name: User Administrator
   Description: Responsible for creating Users and Groups
   Member users: levesque
   Privileges: user administrators, group administrators

$ ipa privilege-show "group administrators"
   Privilege name: Group Administrators
   Description: Group Administrators
   Permissions: add groups, remove groups, modify groups, modify group 
   Granting privilege to roles: User Administrator

A similar issue was fixed in 2.1.3 but it affected all UI screens IIRC (e.g. 
non-admins never saw anything extra).

Yes,  that is the same issue.

Do you have a BZ link for this? We're tracking RHEL releases, and it appears 
that 6.2 will only get us up to version 2.1.1. I'm curious if the fix can be 
diff'ed in...


The current RHEL 6.2 release is based on freeIPA 2.1.3.


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