george he wrote:

Since I didn't get any reply on this, I just went ahead and did
/ipa-server-install --uninstall
to clean up and did
ipa-replica-manage del myreplica --force
on mymaster
After these I did ipa-replica-install again but this time I get

ipa : CRITICAL Failed to load replica-s4u2proxy.ldif: Command
'/usr/bin/ldapmodify -h myreplica -v -f /tmp/tmpExxi0H -x -D
cn=Directory Manager -y /tmp/tmpa12oUA' returned non-zero exit status 1

Any suggestions on this?

It depends on why it failed. When there is an installation error I recommend you start by looking at /var/log/ipa-server-install.log or /var/log/ipareplica-install.log as needed.

This error would suggest that something was not removed from LDAP when the last replica was deleted. This may ok. You'll need to use ldapsearch to verify that cn=ipa-http-delegation,cn=s4u2proxy,cn=etc,$SUFFIX and dn: cn=ipa-ldap-delegation-targets,cn=s4u2proxy,cn=etc,$SUFFIX has a memberPrincipal for the service principal of your replica.

something like:

ldapsearch -LLL -x -b cn=s4u2proxy,cn=etc,dc=example,d=com


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