Thanks a lot. It's deleted now!
The .jar thing (i.e. jss4.jar, osutil.jar, and symkey.jar) was pointing to 
/usr/lib/..., but when I was struggling, I read on the web there was a post 
saying they should point to /usr/lib64/..., so I changed them. The weird thing 
is I THINK they were pointing to existing files, but now they are not. 

So I changed the links one more times to make them pointing to /usr/lib/..., 
restarted ipa, and host-del worked.
Thanks again, guys.

> From: John Dennis <>
>Cc: george he <>; "" 
>Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 2:04 PM
>Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] ipa host-del
>On 09/05/2012 10:46 AM, Ade Lee wrote:
>> The logs seem to show that the CA cannot find JSS.
>> What versions of the following are on your system?
>> pki-ca, pki-common, jss, nss, tomcat6, tomcat, java
>> Is this a system that was working and now fails to work?  Or is this a
>> new instance?
>Let's verify the link to the jss4.jar is in place. Note this is an x86_64 
>system, Mathew did make some adjustments to where native (i.e. arch specific) 
>jars are located. I think it moved from /usr/lib/java to /usr/lib64/java. 
>pki-create would have been modified to set up links to them on a new install 
>but it's possible the links weren't updated on an existing install. Not sure, 
>guessing at the moment but I think it's worth pursuing.
>Please do this, it will list all the jars which should be visible to the CA 
>tomcat instance, the jss4.jar should have a link under 
>sudo ls -l /var/lib/pki-ca/common/lib /var/lib/pki-ca/webapps/ca/WEB-INF/lib
>We want to verify none of the symbolic links listed above are dangling (point 
>to a non-existent file). Pay particular attention to 
>/var/lib/pki-ca/common/lib/jss4.jar, does it point to an existing file that's 
>a valid jar? If not can you locate jss4.jar? Is it now under /var/lib64/java? 
>If so adjust the symbolic link under /var/lib/pki-ca/common/lib to point to 
>it. Do thinks work now after restarting?
>-- John Dennis <>
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