Hi Matthew,

Yes, as said earlier "ipa disable-host <fqdn>; ipa host-mod <fqdn>
--password=foo" works flawlessly. The issue lies with attempting to reuse
"foo" as the password, the IPA sever prevents that (and rightly so) which
complicates automation hence the RFE.


On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 4:34 PM, Matthew Barr <mb...@snap-interactive.com>wrote:

> Just reading this over, and the RFE, I've got another possible option.
> Our standard build uses a key tab of a user with permission to add a host,
> and that sets the OTP for the kickstart to use.
> Is it possible to reset the state of the host record to the state where it
> can use the same install command on an existing host record?  Basically,
> set the OTP again?
> If i could run a single command to reset the state to allow the OTP to
> work it would work fairly well..
> for example:  ipa host-mod wiki01.ayisnap.com --password=foo
> Background:
> We've got IPA & puppet.  I have to purge the IPA host record & the puppet
> SSL keys, in order to regenerate them both.  Satellite/Spacewalk allows for
> a rebuild command, but I'm not sure what Katello & foreman will do in the
> future.
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