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Which command did you use to change the password? 'passwd' or 'ipa

If you use 'passwd' the PAM stack on the client for the passwd
command comes into play which typically has some modules like
pam_pwquality.so listed which do checks including dictionary

If you use 'ipa passwd' the password should be only validated
against the server-side password policy Martin mentioned above.

Sumit, yes - I used 'passwd'.  I'll look into using 'ipa passwd' in
3 months time :-)

Eh, ok :-) BTW, you could also standard kpasswd, it should
also avoid modules like pam_pwquality.so and only use the
server policy.


OK - this is opening my eyes somewhat.  I know about the password policy
section of IPA, but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to control the
quality of the password.  Is this done by PAM on the server?  If it's
how do I enforce things like ensuring at least 1 upper case, 1 lower
1 number and 1 special character?  I don't see that in the docs.

This should help:

You can control character classes - if you set that for example to 3, password need to have at least:
- one number, one lower-case char, one upper-case char
- one number, one special char, one lower case char.

You can also set minimal length. These 2 options should provide the settings you requested.

Note that the policy is not related to PAM, it is required by an LDAP server plugin on FreeIPA server - so that it affect all possible password changes - like "ldapasswd", "passwd", "kpasswd" and others.

Would like to be able to ensure that the minimum password policy is
rather than perhaps having an erroneous strict policy on a few machines.

+1. You can set that centrally on server, you can even set different policies for different groups. It can just happen that pam_pwquality.so may interfere (as we found out) and add it's own password quality requirements on top of FreeIPA centralized ones.


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