Innes, Duncan wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Is there any movement towards getting FreeIPA to use more standard
> logging tools?  Journald or rsyslog.

I wouldn't exactly call servers logging to their own files as non-standard.

You can theoretically configure most services to use at least rsyslogd
now. I says theoretically because we haven't tried in the context of IPA
but I doubt you'd be plowing any new ground by configuring it.

> Wondering because at the moment, the rotation of logs is non standard
> compared to most of the rest of our estate.  It would be a boost for us
> to know that rsyslog/journald are handling the logging (enabling us to
> get the log files sent over the network) and logrotate is rotating the
> logs and can compress logs if we want (which we do).

There is a long-term ticket to use journald,


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