On 17.6.2014 19:24, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Innes, Duncan wrote:
Fair call Rob, I should have put "standard" in quotes.  I think I meant

I know applications doing their own logging is pretty wide spread too.
It's just that moving to a more unified tool that performed the logging,
remote shipping, rotation, compression etc (where required) would be

Whilst I like journald a lot, it still misses native log shipping.  I
think it's being worked on though.

As an IdM user, I figure I'll have to wait around quite a while to get
any such features.

Yeah, sorry about that. Audit is one of those things where the word
"just" comes up a lot which usually means trouble :-)

I'll have a poke around with using rsyslog for some IPA logs just now.

That would be great. Please share the things you learn.

Feel free to create wiki page, e.g.

Your ordinary Fedora account will allow you to log-in and create the page.

Thank you for your time!

Petr^2 Spacek





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Innes, Duncan wrote:
Hi folks,

Is there any movement towards getting FreeIPA to use more standard
logging tools?  Journald or rsyslog.

I wouldn't exactly call servers logging to their own files as

You can theoretically configure most services to use at least
rsyslogd now. I says theoretically because we haven't tried
in the context of IPA but I doubt you'd be plowing any new
ground by configuring it.

Wondering because at the moment, the rotation of logs is
non standard
compared to most of the rest of our estate.  It would be a
boost for
us to know that rsyslog/journald are handling the logging
(enabling us
to get the log files sent over the network) and logrotate
is rotating
the logs and can compress logs if we want (which we do).

There is a long-term ticket to use journald,

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