I am setting up a plain and simple sssd service against my FreeIPA Server. The FreeIPA Server is a Centos 7.1 box with IPA version 4.1 and the client box is ubuntu: Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS

The Users and Credentials are being Synched out of an AD Server (the passwords happened to be transferred using the PassSync Service)

Now.. I wanted to setup a very simple sssd service (not the FreeIPA client service) And so far I succeeded on synching the users along with the passwords using SSSD.

Now, Trying to get the sudo access sorted I cannot see that working, and I came across some documentation mentioning SSSD is NOT currently supporting IPA schema for the SUDOers
if that is the case

Can anybody point me to the right document or procedure in terms of getting also the sudoers installed?

Would be possible , somehow, to have this sorted WITHOUT using the ipa-client?

many thanks!

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