On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 05:36:00AM +0100, g.fer.or...@unicyber.co.uk wrote:
> Hey Guys
> Not sure if I am missing any bit.... but this was the thing in the end:
> http://generations.menteyarte.org/archives/195-freeipa-server-and-SSSD-on-Ubuntu.html
> I managed to have it working and I have documented all those nasty bits
> which might save people's time. The whole weekend gone but for the less has
> been productive.
> I am including the SUDO bit which is usually a pain in my experience..
> Thanks

Thank you very much for documenting this, but wouldn't it be better to
use id_provider=ipa instead?

Then the configuration would be simpler, less error prone and would
authenticate more securely. You don't need to run ipa-client-install on
the box, you can generate the client keytab elsewhere and transfer it to
the client.

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