On 04/27/2015 12:39 PM, Christopher Lamb wrote:
Hi All

When I use the logout dropdown the WebUI (top righthand corner of the
screen), it logs me out, then immediately reloads and logs me right back in
again to the Users screen.

This prevents me from logging in with a different user.

The FreeIPA Server is 4.1.0 on OEL 7.5.

I am using Web UI from an OSX workstation (Firefox and Safari).

We did not have this behaviour with FreeIPA 3.0.0

Thanks for your help


Try kdestroy and then logout.
I am not sure it worked differently in 3.0 may be you tried 3.0 when your Kerberis ticket already expired.

Thank you,
Dmitri Pal

Sr. Engineering Manager IdM portfolio
Red Hat, Inc.

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