Thanks for the reminder. I did see these a while ago - I've seen so much in so many places and became rapidly confused, because I don't have much ldap or ipa experience.

I'll review your instructions and see how they fit with the Solaris 11 instructions from the mailing list that I found and try to distil a page with appropriate attributions when I've implemented something that works.


On 28/04/2015 19:24, Sigbjorn Lie wrote:

I wrote these bugzilla entries based on my own Solaris 10 configuration
for IPA a while back. Did you try these? They include a working DUA
profile (need to change server names of course) and the steps I did for
configuring Solaris 10 as an IPA client.


Dua Profile:

The attribute mapping I suggested was for auto.master only. The example
dua profile above have this mapping. You may see here for a further


On 23 Apr 2015, at 12:59, Roderick Johnstone <
<>> wrote:

On 23/04/15 04:25, Rob Crittenden wrote:
Roderick Johnstone wrote:
On 22/04/15 14:30, Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 04/21/2015 01:13 PM, Roderick Johnstone wrote:

I also need to integrate Solaris 10 clients with freeipa servers.

I've been round many resources, eg freeipa wiki, Fedora and Red Hat
manuals, various bug trackers and the freeipa-users mailing list

It looks to me as if this:

might be the best guide available, although I'm not sure what changes
I might need to make because I'm actually on Solaris 10 rather
than 11.

Can anyone advise please?

There is a comment in the above post:
"Make sure that the automount maps in ipaserver is named auto_* and
NOT auto.* so they are compatible with Solaris name standards."

My automount maps are already called eg auto.master, auto.home on my
ipa server and I'm sure I've seen a post somewhere suggesting an
attributeMap can fix this issue, but I can't find it now, so maybe I
am mistaken.

Am I on the right track? Is anyone familiar with that fix.


Roderick Johnstone

We are not strong in Solaris so you really need to search user archives
or wait for someone who accomplished Solaris integration to chime in
here on the list.


I had gathered that from previous postings to the list and was indeed
hoping that one of the Solaris experts might comment.

By the way, there are various suggestions on the list of putting the
best Solaris instructions on the wiki. Is that still a possibility? I'd
be happy to help, but I'm not experienced with connecting Solaris to ipa


A few weeks back I added what I thought were the most relevant threads
and pointers. The mailing list thread you refer to was converted into
some documentation bugs and tickets. I referenced those at

If there is anything I can improve here just let me know.


This page has expanded since I was searching a few weeks ago. Thanks
for that. I understand that the project has no direct Solaris expertise.

There are some things that could be made easier to follow and others
that seem inconsistent with the mailing list thread that I found.
Maybe some are just different ways of doing the same thing.

I started to point some some differences in this email, but its
probably best if I go through the mailing list link that I found and
the web page you referenced, systematically, and list what the
differences are. I'll be in touch when I have done that.

In the meantime I noticed a few of small html link issues on the web
page you referenced...

1) Under the section Solaris 8/9/10 / Configuring Client Authentication
the link to the reference files in /var/ldap
for me,  resolves to the top level "Open Source Community page" I do however see the files
correctly linked from the section "Client Configuration Files" at
bottom of the page.

2) There is the same issue for the links to the nsswitch.conf and
pam.conf files linked in items 2 and 4 below the above - sorry, its
hard to describe well where these links are.

And it would be good if the patch ("Patch to update Solaris
documentation") that is referred to in Solaris 8/9/10 / Additional
resources could be applied to the original document and the patched
document made available, or at least the information in it.




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