Marc Wiatrowski wrote:
That looks to have done the trick!  (no restart needed) thank you

Great. I opened to track this.


On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 1:43 PM, Rob Crittenden <
<>> wrote:

    Marc Wiatrowski wrote:

        On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 3:46 PM, Rob Crittenden
        < <>
        < <>>> wrote:

             Marc Wiatrowski wrote:


                 In trying to script some changes for automount
        locations.  I've
                 'ipa automountlocation-tofiles' doesn't seem to return
                 everything.  As
                 an example:

                 $ ipa automountlocation-tofiles office | grep abg

                 returns nothing for abg.  Yes, I have run this without
        the grep and
                 looked, piped everything to a file and looked. Still
        nothing for
                 abg and
                 no errors I can see.  There are several maps out of
        about 150
                 that don't
                 show up with automountlocation-tofiles.

                 However through the web gui they're there and they're
        there by
                 specifically looking for them. Also works with the
        clients and

                 $ ipa automountkey-show office auto.workers --all --key abg

                     Key: abg
                     Mount information: server1:/path1/workers/&
                     description: abg
                     objectclass: automount, top

                 Its been easy enough to manually change the few the
        that don't get
                 caught by the dump, but been wondering... Any one have
        an idea?


             Does auto.workers show at all?

             Are the ones that don't show consistent? Are they related
        in any way?


        Thanks, rob

        Yes auto.workers shows and lists out about 150 entries.  I was
        trying to
        keep it cleaner and not inadvertently reveal something
        confidential by
        not showing the whole dump.

        Not to say there isn't, but I don't see anything making them
        key or map.

        I'll throw in there are 3 ipa servers.  Each show the same results.

    The tofiles command does some internal searches. I wonder if some of
    those are getting truncated results.

    You might try: ipa config-mod --searchrecordslimit=200

    You'll probably need to restart httpd for this new limit to take affect.


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