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Hello Martin,

Am Tuesday 08 December 2015, 13:10:57 schrieb Martin Basti:
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Am Monday 07 December 2015, 22:46:45 schrieb Martin Basti:
On 07.12.2015 21:26, Günther J. Niederwimmer wrote:
Am Monday 07 December 2015, 20:41:29 schrieb Martin Basti:
On 07.12.2015 20:12, Pavel Picka wrote:

for me working if ipv6 address is e.g. 2002::101 so reverse zone will

you can use more char as you mentioned (
still be reverse for ip 2002::101 )
I tested also more chars ?

so if your IP start 2001::   have reverse

reverse zone of 2001::/16 is
Is there a command line syntax for adding a reverse Zone, in the web
Formula it is not possible to insert a reverse IPv6 zone. I have only
Message this is a wrong IP Address.
It should work in webUI.
Did you write ipv6 address with prefix? (2001:db8::/32) ?

I have in my Zone only this Addresses

Have I to set all the 0. before the /64 Segment
No, you do not need to.

Try to write in webUI 2001:15c0::/64
It is shortcut form of IPv6 address, zeroes will be added automatically
That is it !!!!

I have to write a "normal" IPv6 Address with Prefix, afterward the reverse ZONE
are created

Many Thanks Martin

You are welcome!

I created usability ticket.

hope it helps

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I like to create a ip6.arpa with freeIPA but this is not possible ? I
found the correct syntax for a IPv6 reverse Zone :-(.
I Tested

16 Char

The last is working with named (bind)

Can any tell me, is this working or have I link to read a Docu

Thanks for a answer

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