> I purposely used rather weak working in my blog to ensure that one
> thinks carefully about making this kind of change. If your original
> master can be brought back up that is definitely the best way to resolve
> it.

ok, I'll try this first.

> If it was nuked from orbit then yeah the you'll need to manually set it.
> Note that you can use ipa-replica-manage to do this as well and it has a
> much less scary syntax:
> $ ipa-replica-manage dnarange-set yourhost.example.com
> 1689700000-1689799999

definitely less scary !

> I guess the range 1689600000-1689699999 is the rest of the original
> range, presumably assigned to the original master?

I am not sure to follow. The default used my master is 134000000-134200000
right ?
So I could set 135000000-135200000 for instance. Or did I miss something ?
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