> >
> > I am not sure to follow. The default used my master is
> > 134000000-134200000 right ?
> > So I could set 135000000-135200000 for instance. Or did I miss something
> ?
> >
> >
> My example was based on the ldif you proposed.
> What the DNA plugin would have done is split the original range in two.
> If you want to stick with that it's fine but you'll never get back
> whatever was remaining of that original 100k, at least not
> automatically. It all depends on what your needs are.
> Using 134100000-134199999 is probably what you want.

Ok, I get it.

> Otherwise you are just picking a new range out of the blue.
> There is no tie-in now between the idrange and the DNA range but there
> may be at some point. At that time things could go sideways if you pick
> a new DNA range that isn't reflected in the idrange.

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