> # LIFX Bulb, casalogic.lan, dns, casalogic.lan
> dn: idnsName=LIFX Bulb,idnsname=casalogic.lan,cn=dns,dc=casalogic,dc=lan
> dNSTTL: 1800
> tXTRecord: "009143ca16c9890339c7ec33825e0da5ce"
> aRecord:
> objectClass: idnsRecord
> objectClass: top
> idnsName: LIFX Bulb

Which actually starts to make sence.

# ipa dnsrecord-show casalogic.lan. 'LIFX Bulb'
ipa: ERROR: LIFX\032Bulb: DNS resource record not found

So.....   dhcp inserts the DNS record in LDAP with space, and IPA converts 
<space> to \032 on querying.....

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