On 23.3.2016 10:50, Troels Hansen wrote:
>> # LIFX Bulb, casalogic.lan, dns, casalogic.lan
>> dn: idnsName=LIFX Bulb,idnsname=casalogic.lan,cn=dns,dc=casalogic,dc=lan
>> dNSTTL: 1800
>> tXTRecord: "009143ca16c9890339c7ec33825e0da5ce"
>> aRecord:
>> objectClass: idnsRecord
>> objectClass: top
>> idnsName: LIFX Bulb
> Which actually starts to make sence.
> # ipa dnsrecord-show casalogic.lan. 'LIFX Bulb'
> ipa: ERROR: LIFX\032Bulb: DNS resource record not found
> So.....   dhcp inserts the DNS record in LDAP with space, and IPA converts 
> <space> to \032 on querying.....

Oh yes, this problem is caused by

FreeIPA is using string manipulations for DNS data but DNS data are generally
not strings, so weird things happen (sometimes).

Did you find a way to modify the record using CLI? (e.g. using space instead
of \032)?

Petr^2 Spacek

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