I have noticed a bug in the IPA webinterface, under DNS Zones -> and clicking 
on a zone that contains a DNS record containig space (\032) 

Currently, I get: "LIFX\032Bulb: DNS resource record not found" 

However, after clicking OK, it displays the rest of the records. 

Its in no way a pretty DNS record, but still working. 
The reason for it being there is that I have enabled ddns updates from out DHCP 
server, and it works without any problems, except this crappy WIFI light bulb. 

The DNS record is in the IPA database: 

Record name: LIFX\032Bulb 
A record: 
TXT record: "009143ca16c9890339c7ec33825e0da5ce" 

I can dig it: 
# dig "LIFX Bulb.casalogic.lan" A 
LIFX\032Bulb.casalogic.lan. 1800 IN A 

However, something goes wrong in the web interface. 

I'm running IPA 4.2.0 


Med venlig hilsen 

Troels Hansen 


Casalogic A/S 

T (+45) 70 20 10 63 

M (+45) 22 43 71 57 

Red Hat, SUSE, VMware, Citrix, Novell, Yellowfin BI, EnterpriseDB, Sophos og 
meget mere. 
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