On (12/05/16 09:42), Harald Dunkel wrote:
>Hi folks,
>On 02/23/16 13:46, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>> On (23/02/16 13:01), Harald Dunkel wrote:
>>> On 02/23/2016 11:58 AM, Lukas Slebodnik wrote:
>>>> I would rather focus on different thing.
>>>> Why is sssd_be process blocked for long time?
>>> I have no idea. Was it really blocked?
>> It needn't be blocked itself. But it was busy
>> with some non-blocking operation which main process
>> considered as bad state.
>> Would you mind to share sssd log files with
>> high debug level?
>It happened again :-(.This *really* needs to be fixed.
>I wouldn't like to move back to ypbind.
I would like to If I knew what to fix and how to reliably reproduce.

>Logfiles are attached. sssd is version 1.13.3. The server
>was rebooted at 05:56. At 06:03:18 sssd wrote the first
>logfile entries.
I cannot see in log files that sssd was started.
Log files seems to be truncated and there seems to be probllem
with network communication.

[be_resolve_server_process] (0x0200): Found address for server 
ipa2.example.com: [] TTL 7200
[init_timeout] (0x0040): Client timed out before Identification [0x12d50c0]!
[sdap_kinit_done] (0x0080): Communication with KDC timed out, trying the next 
[fo_set_port_status] (0x0100): Marking port 389 of server 'ipa2.example.com' as 
'not working'

Do you have mounted nfs on /var/log/ or anywhere else?
It can explain a lot if there are network related issues.


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