On 11/24/2016 04:27 PM, Adam Bishop wrote:
I'm writing a bit of code using ipalib directly, I'm a little stuck on 
authentication though.

It works fine if grab a Kerberos ticket with kinit then run the code 
interactively, but I'd like to run this as a daemon which makes maintaining a 
ticket tricky.

What other options are there for authenticating to the API, avoiding calling 
external tools like curl or kinit?


Adam Bishop

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Hello Adam,

Nice to see someone interested in FreeIPA development. For questions about developing FreeIPA, feel free to contact other developers at freeipa-de...@redhat.com (in CC). You can also create a pull request on GitHub (https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa) if you'd like to share your code with the community.

As for your question, would it be feasible to use keytabs? Sure, you still have to perform kinit but there's no user action required (except for maintaining the keytab, of course).


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