On 2017-04-12 14:55, Jason B. Nance wrote:
You cannot use indirect mounting and enablemkhomedir at the same time.  Indirect mounts require 
that the directory you are attempting to mount already exists on the NFS server and that you 
let autofs fully manage the "parent" directory on the client machine.  In this case, 
no one other than autofs can create directories in the top-level of /home on your clients 
(/home/<user> is a different story).

So you either need to pre-create the home directories on your NFS server (including 
ownership, permissions, and any "skel" stuff you want in there like a default 
.bashrc) or you need to direct mount /home altogether and lose the benefits of indirect 
mounting (which may not matter to you).

So this means I can either use /home mounted as NFS share conventionally (without autofs) in combination with mkhomedir or use autofs magic with pre-created directories.

As my users come from AD I do not even know which directories would have to be created in advance. So I will have to go for option 1.

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