>> You cannot use indirect mounting and enablemkhomedir at the same time.  
>> Indirect
>> mounts require that the directory you are attempting to mount already exists 
>> on
>> the NFS server and that you let autofs fully manage the "parent" directory on
>> the client machine.  In this case, no one other than autofs can create
>> directories in the top-level of /home on your clients (/home/<user> is a
>> different story).
>> So you either need to pre-create the home directories on your NFS server
>> (including ownership, permissions, and any "skel" stuff you want in there 
>> like
>> a default .bashrc) or you need to direct mount /home altogether and lose the
>> benefits of indirect mounting (which may not matter to you).
>> [...]
> So this means I can either use /home mounted as NFS share conventionally
> (without autofs) in combination with mkhomedir or use autofs magic with
> pre-created directories.

You can still use autofs and mkhomdir, just use a direct mount for /home 
instead of indirect mounts.  In other words, mount "/home" entirely vs. 
"/home/<username>" individually.



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