,----[ On Mon, Sep 04, 2006, Ingo van Lil wrote: ]
| a couple of weeks ago Albert Chu complained about not being able to
| check out the PEF configuration on any of the machines he
| tested. The explanation for this appears to be fairly simple: Unless
| I'm badly mistaken most IPMI calls in
| ipmi-pef-and-alerting-cmds-udm.c use the wrong NetFn: The Get/Set
| PEF Configuration Parameters and Alert Immediate commands are part
| of the Sensor/Event NetFn (0x04), not of Transport (0x0c).
| A patch for libfreeipmi is attached. Admittedly, checking out the
| PEF section isn't any more successful with the patch than it used to
| be, but at least the error message changed from "unsupported
| command" to "expression failed". Don't know if that's any better,
| and I'm not yet familiar enough with the code to do any reasonable
| debugging. Anyway, the BMC seems to send a positive return code, so
| I suppose FreeIPMI misinterprets the response in some way.

Thanks for hunting the bug down. We can get PEF code to work.

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