Al Chu <> writes:

> Hey Dave,
> Whew, I'm glad I have a relatively new sun board, this would have been
> tough to figure out :-)

Good.  I could have offered to let you on here.

> Effectively, the "opensesspriv" workaround is also needed for the Sun
> boards.  I've wrapped that workaround in as an automatic one for the Sun
> workaround, so it should work now.  Test tar.gz is here:
> It ends up I didn't see it before b/c the problem doesn't exist if you
> default to the "admin" privilege level.  Some tools (such as bmc-info)
> don't default to that.
> Could you let me know if it works?  Thanks.

It seems to, though I still can't get ipmiconsole to function, which was
the original issue.  It looks as if it just doesn't work with ILOM.

In case it's useful to record the fact, for ILOM 2.0 I get:

# ipmiconsole -h ipmi101 -Wsun20 
[error received]: SOL unavailable

and for 1.0:

# ipmiconsole -h ipmi060 -Wsun20 
ipmiconsole_submit_block: BMC Implementation

and the ILOM doc seems to ignore the topic.

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