Al Chu <> writes:

> Actually, it seems the sun20 workarounds are working correctly.  You are
> able to authenticate.  The problem is ...

Yes.  I was only meaning to say that the SOL seems to be broken.

>> # ipmiconsole -h ipmi101 -Wsun20 
>> [error received]: SOL unavailable
> This typically means the config of the remote server is invalid.  We've
> authenticated all the way through but SOL isn't turned on, so we exit
> out.  I will admit, I have never gotten SOL to work on my motherboard
> (w/ ipmitool either).


> The ability to configure the SOL_Conf section via
> bmc-config is broken (atleast in my firmware version).  Perhaps it has
> to be configured via other Sun software or via the ILOM interface
> itself?

I couldn't find any info.  I suppose I could raise a service call, but
I don't know if that's likely to get me anywhere.  The console does work
via the ssh CLI, anyhow.

>> and for 1.0:
>> # ipmiconsole -h ipmi060 -Wsun20 
>> ipmiconsole_submit_block: BMC Implementation
>> and the ILOM doc seems to ignore the topic.
> This typically means there is an IPMI implementation issue.  Have you
> tried the "solport" or the "solpayloadsize" workarounds?  If either
> one/both work, we'll just have to add Sun motherboards to the
> workarounds list.

Ah.  solpayloadsize,sun20 did establish a connexion, but I think the
speed may be wrong as it appears dead once connected.  On the other
hand, after disconnecting, that seems to have taken the ILOM off the
air...  That is with the earliest ILOM, anyway, though it's annoying it
looks more broken in the latest.

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