#  Snmp configuration is only valid if SNMP support was enabled
#  at compile time.
#  To enable SNMP querying of the server, set the value of the
#  'snmp' attribute to 'yes'
snmp    = no
$INCLUDE  ${confdir}/snmp.conf

This is in radius.conf. Change snmp = yes and checkrad should work with
nastype set to cisco.

If you want to get rid of all stale sessions delete them with SQL
oneliner like:

delete from radacct where AcctStopTime=0 && AcctStartTime < '2007-3-8'

(this is MySQL - MSSQL syntax might be slightly different)

This will delete all open sessions up to today.

Ivan Kalik
Kalik Informatika ISP

Dana 8/3/2007, "satish patel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> piše:

>Dear all
>            i fedup from this problem i dont know how to resolve it no one 
> help me out from this problem i have freradius-1.1.4 + MSSQL setup user 
> databases and accouting done by mssql and my NAS is cisco router with VPDN 
> configuration but i have faceing some problem since last week suposse one 
> user login in to cisco router and he/she accouting start on MSSQL server
>i am useting simultenouse-use feature in SQL
>radacct tables
>User          AcctStartTime                        AcctStopTime
>abc       08/03/2007:01:30                      1/1/1900
>Now user can access internet and anything everything going fine but after when 
>i stop radiusd proccess  and start it my user disconnected and he/she try for 
>login in to cisco VPDN he/she got error access deny and i got some log  
>multiple user login
>Thu Mar  8 20:12:05 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : 
>[mlpm484/<CHAP-Password>] (from client cisco port 974)
>Thu Mar  8 20:12:08 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : 
>[mlpm629/<CHAP-Password>] (from client cisco port 1111)
>Thu Mar  8 20:12:10 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) : 
>[mlpm484/<CHAP-Password>] (from client cisco port 460)
>Thu Mar  8 20:12:14 2007 : Auth: Multiple logins (max 1) :
>SomeThing like this it means in MSSQL AcctStopTime there is i still user login 
>means that entry is not still clear thats why i got error 'Multiple logins 
>(max 1)'
>in my client.conf file NAStype is "other" caz  when i  user cisco nastype my 
>Simulteneous-use not working ?? so i thing this detail enough for help plz 
>tell me right suggesstion if i am wrong ....
>$ cat ~/satish/url.txt
>System administrator ( Data Center )
>please visit this site
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