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>Wired chilli? The makers say: "ChilliSpot is an open source captive
>portal or wireless LAN access point controller. It is used for
>authenticating users of a wireless LAN." Do you know something they

My first Chilli installation is working for both wired and wireless
connections. The mention box still sitting at the same place and still
serve both wired and wireless connections.

The second and next installations are designed for wireless only.

>Expiration is an internal FreeRadius attribute - it doesn't go out in
>radius packets. It is used to generate "real" radius attributes like
>Session-Timeout. So NAS (Cisco, Chilli, Mickrotik, whatever) will never
>"see" this attribute. None of them would know what to do with it if
>they would recieve it.

I will try the Expiration lately at the end of this week and will let you
know the result.



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